Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dear Friends,
It was a wonderful experience teaching Art this year as always. Thank you all for joining the Workshop and had so much fun. Sorry, for the people who missed to join.Last day callers please wait for next year workshop. Please plan ahead and join. Many of you want to join last Day sorry friends I cannot teach anything so please join next year. We will be having blast next year!!  Well, I  back in USA settling down with my routine. Felt like  sharing few words about Art.  Painting is a good addiction. I cannot get up when I start to paint. And also my Guruji says "Deep silence is the mother of creativity. No creativity can come out of one who is too busy, worried, over-ambitious or lethargic."  So dear friends,  keep painting, Keep on painting.
Here is the new painting for you. please enjoy!!
Best Regards
Sheela Raj.