Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Friends,
Sheela Raj Painting Workshop 2013
  To join please do call (9908000263) or email me
I don't allow to go to a xerox center and copy my paintings or worksheets.
Place: flat No205, A block,Srinilaya,Mayura Marg,Begumpet, Hyderabad
Fees:  Rs 5000 for 3 Days

Course Dates:   starting from June 28th Friday to June 30 Sunday 2013.First Batch.  9 am To 5pm

Course Details

At the end of the course you will learn to paint the following
        Basics of painting, Types of paints, Types of surface,
        Loading your brush, various brush strokes,
        blending, highlighting and Brush Care.
        1.  Various types of Leaves
        2.  Hydrangea, violets, curlicues
        3.  Daisies,  wisteria
        4.  chrysanthemums
        5.  Birds
        6.  Butterflies
        7.  Bees
        8.  Roses
        9.  Apple pear and plums
        10. Strawberries
        11. Landscape painting on canvas board
         Finish 2 projects (pot and Canvas/FABRIC)
        Also I can show you lot of my art works.

Supplies List
First 9 items are mandatory so please buy the supplies without fail.
because I can't teach without them. 10-12 are optional.
        1. Please bring all the colors of acrylic paints any brand is okay fevicryl or camelin
     Colors India or Hobby ideas.
      (Red, brown, black, grey dark and light,  orange, pink, sap green,light green,Bamboo,Kakhi,Light blue, 
      Golden yellow,  Fabrica Ultra pale Emerald, Magenta,ultramarine blue, violet,dark purple,white big bottle)        
        2. Brushes #12, Flat brush,Script liner, Angular brush, scruffy brush
        3. Rag or towel to wipe your brushes and paint while painting
        4. Glass to hold water (Any cup to hold water)
        5. Clipper pad (Usually used for examination)
        6. Practice book(Thick sheets or Canvas sheets)
        7. Plastic plate or disposable party plate to mix your paint.
        8. Small bar of mild toilet Soap(pears) which u use at home to wash   
            your brushes,hands
        9. Basket or  shopping bag to put all the items together.

Optional Items (if you have them please try to bring them So that you can finish a project in the class)
        10. Canvas, Mud pot painted in black color make sure it is dry before coming to class.
        11. Fabric or cotton towel or pillow cover to paint on.
        12. Different  brushes- Along with my brushes if you have your own brushes either round or flat bring it.

Note:Imported Brushes are available for sale with me. Also my CD's. If interested can buy in the class.

Other than that I don't no  much about the shops and the art
materials available in India. May be try out in Koti, Abids or General
Bazaar Gopal Stationery. Shradha's extension secunderabad,
Please email me if you have further questions at
or call my mother 9908000263.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013