Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric painting tips

Hi Folks,
Many of you have been asking me to give some tips to paint on a Fabric. Here are few tips.Never paint on a fabric that have starch on it. Wash the starch and then paint otherwise the paint will get washed with the starch and it doesn't allow the paint to go into the fabric.
1.First of all Fabric is not a very easy surface to paint on.
2.Make sure you have a cardboard or plastic sheet under neath so that the paint wouldn't bleed through the fabric and mess the other side.
3.Stretch the fabric.Make sure it doesn't move while painting try to fix it. U can use the embroidery frame .
4.A Good thing about fabric  is ,the paint does not dry as quickly as on a paper or cardboard so u have some time to blend on.
5.While painting on Denim and thick fabrics,I would suggest to scrub some paint as a base coat and then do your stroke work on top of it that way you can  paint neat strokes.
6.Watch your strokes outline for a smooth and neat edges.
let your paint dry for 24 hours and reverse the fabric and iron it or you can cover it with a cotton cloth and iron it.
I am posting a picture of  the Fabric I painted. I took the cotton fabric and not very thick one but   smooth and neat to paint on. Did the brush strokes straight away.( but if you find it difficult try to do your stroke twice.)
7.Do not rush while painting.Take your time and try to do it carefully. I think u can do it.
Good luck  !!
 Enjoy and happy painting.